Digital strategy that serves your mission.


Welcome to Seward Square.

As seasoned political and advocacy veterans, we understand how digital should fit into an organization's broader growth strategy.

Strategy that serves your mission.

We take time to understand your longer term goals, identify specific digital tactics and weave them into a broader plan.

Tactics based in strategy mean more.

We mobilize supporters and build customer loyalty through fundraising, shifting opinions, shaping policy or regulatory environments, expanding a customer base or building a new one.

Digital is a means to an end.

We help companies and organizations create a digital strategy that will strengthen core functions in order to reach their goals.

It’s nice to meet you.

Former political staffers, advocacy and tech veterans with an insider’s understanding of the platforms that are now the lifeblood of digital fundraising.


Services grounded in experience, not jargon or buzzwords.

We focus on the fundamentals to increase your revenue, amplify your message and activate your supporters or customers.

Assessment Audits

Custom designed blueprints to guide your organization forward.

Donor, Supporter & Customer Acquisitions

Building a steady pipeline of high quality supporters, donors or customers is critical to genuine growth.

Digital Fundraising

Advanced, data-driven fundraising programs that increase your organization’s revenue.

Content Creation

Lasting connections are made by creating content that is personal and relatable in order to capture attention.

Media Buying & Placement

Crafting and executing custom programs based on our three core principles – transparent pricing, great media plans and measurement with strategy.

Careers built as clients, not consultants.

Our on-the-ground experience in digital media and fundraising means we understand your day-to-day challenges better than most. And our political and corporate roots make us uniquely accustomed to building high stakes programs with passion and commitment– it is what we do best.

Let's talk about you.